This morning started earlier than usual – technically it didn’t end yesterday! Even though I only had four hours sleep – less than that actually as my hands and arms kept waking me up. Think I must have laid on them funny. My watch (as in crew, not as on arm) saw the sun rising behind some cliffs at Totland Bay where we had anchored. The Needles were behind us – and it was a fine morning. We had to take a compass bearing to make sure that we were still in the same place – luckily we were! The log had to be written up every hour – and all was quiet during the night. It had apparently got a bit bouncy in the night – didn’t feel a thing!

Breakfast was at a very sensible 9am this morning – although after just four hours sleep it seemed like the middle of the night. Rather that than having the 3am – 5am watch with just an hour or two either side. Shouldn’t complain either way – the actual race is going to be a lot harder than this!

After breakfast we got the sails up again, and made our way around the Isle of Wight the other way to which we had come. I think my body is just about giving up the ghost now – it was one thing to be physically pushed, but now I am having to deal with sleep deprivation as well!

After lunch on the ocean waves, we once again sailed into East Cowes to moor – except there was another boat where we were supposed to be. So, just like the river vessels, we moored onto the side of this boat. So, not only did I have to cock my leg to get off ours, I had to cock my leg to get on theirs. We were going out to dinner in town tonight – so it had to be done at least twice unless I wanted to go out without having a shower or having any dinner. I don’t think so! Amazing what the thought of proper food does.

I must admit, the thought of it was worse than the doing of it. The first time I hung on for dear life, the second time a little more confident, the third time downright brazen! All in the mind.

We went to a lovely Indian Restaurant about fifteen minutes walk from the marina – excellent. Not so much the food, but the fact I wasn’t eating from a plastic bowl on my lap. But the food was good as well! No problems getting back on the boat – and boy did I need my bunk!