Up at 5.30am for a 6am departure to get back to Gosport.  I caught up with my navigational lesson that I should have had whilst inspecting the lower reaches of the toilet.  Really interesting to know north is not north on the compass, and even when you make allowances for north not being north you then have to make another allowance depending on where you are in the world.  How many did I have last night??

We arrived back at Gosport and had to give the boat a “deep clean”.  Everything has to come out and be cleaned, even down to the boards we have been walking on.  Whilst this is all going on we are each taken on to another boat for our “debrief”.  I don’t think I was as bad as I was the first week, but I still think bottom of the class.  “Anyone want a cup of tea” is my way of avoiding the possible diatribe coming my way after I have failed miserably at whatever task I have been set.  It worked every time!  I was also nominated as having the best admin skills and given the job to circulate all of our details – or no-one else wanted to do it!


My debrief went better than expected – both Daniel and Diane were very complimentary and I was told that they would both be fighting over me to be on their boat if they made skipper.  I somewhat think they may say that to everyone, but it does somewhat lift the frame of mind.  They both agreed with me that I need to get a very patient skipper who can work with my strengths (how many Nanaimo Bars can I bake in each port).  I was told that I was good at helming (especially that four hour stint), and would I like to organise the food on board for the round the world journey.  Need to get my thinking cap on to get that right!


I was then interviewed by Amy Martindale from the PR Company representing Clipper for a Future Crew Friday feature.  Think she looked at me and couldn’t believe I was still hanging on in there!


After the deep clean finished, the showers beckoned.  With proper shampoo and body wash and a towel and a hair dryer.  Heaven!