I woke up this morning feeling that I hadn’t had the best of nights sleep. When I got up and looked at the bunk I could understand why – it was sloping down a bit towards the floor. All night I had unconsciously been pushing myself back into bed to stop myself from falling out. I must get on top of this!!

After breakfast we had a whole new safety briefing above decks – after all the boats may look similar but they are somewhat different. Still lots of things to trip over and not much to hang on to when it is sailing on a slant.

This took us to around 11am, then we started to put the sails in place. We motored out of the marina on the most beautiful of calm sunny days. We put the sails up – there are two coffee grinders on this boat rather than one, taking four people. With only three more people spare I can see that this is going to be challenging! I still have not got the order that everything is done correctly in my head – several others hadn’t either so I am not the only one!

Time for tea – and my cakes went down well with the rest of the crew. Glad I went back for them!

I had a chat with Carol and we talked about my inexperience (and wimpishness) to which she said JFDI. Not a clue what that was – apparently like Nike’s Just Do It, with an extra F word in the middle. Hmm. I think the way the skipper is looking at me he wants me to just f…..ing do it!

We did quite a few tacks and gybes, and with only seven of us in the crew this was full on. Back to Level One!!

We made our way back to Gosport for dinner – and the use of the facilities. Only not the lovely facilities that we have had on the last two occasions – we now have the use of a portacabin for toilets and a portacabin with basic shower facilities with no hairdryer! Get used to it!!

The vegetarian, gluten free, no onion, no garlic was very good – and Kristof had brought a box of Belgian chocolates for pudding. Excellent! The skipper then told me I have got to raise the bar! Does he not realised I am trying!!