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Today is my turn for “Mother” watch with Ed, so we have to make all the food and teas and coffees for the day. This means getting up half an hour before anyone else to make sure breakfast is ready for when they get up. Eggy bread was on the menu – I have never made this before in my life. I whipped up the eggs, added a bit of milk, and hoped that was how it was. With only a small amount of oil in the bottle to fry with and no new bottle, it was quite challenging. If you left the bread in the egg too long it just went to mush – not long enough and it was all bread and no egg. No oil and it didn’t cook, just stuck. We just about got enough out for everyone, without any complaints. Not sure what they really thought though!

We were learning this morning about the spinnaker sail – one that we had not used before on any of the training levels. Sounded a bit scary – it needed to be put up and brought down with immense speed. Something that might be an issue with the crew on board this week! We had to practise by pulling up three pieces of rope tied together in a spinnaker sail like shape. A little easier than the real thing I should imagine!

I lost Brian at one point after he was sent down the lazarette to get a bucket – I looked over to see him still down there. Knowing how I couldn’t get out without outside influence, and he is only marginally taller than I, I thought he must be experiencing the same fate. He was. We tried every which way to get him out without calling attention to the fact, but we had to admit defeat and get Carol over to help. She ended up going in and giving him a leg up. Sorted!! I then went and hanked on the yankee sail – as we were in the harbour still going onto the bow rail wasn’t quite so bad as it could have been in a force four. The spinnaker was brought up from the sail locker – that took some brute force – it was mega heavy!

Ed and I were on lunch duty again – no problems with that! We did “toasted” rolls – put them in silver foil and put them in the oven filled with cheese and tomato. Quite tasty. We sailed out of the harbour whilst we were doing lunch, and it got just a little choppy and a bit windy. It was decided that it was a little too windy for the spinnaker, so it had to go down into the sail locker again. That is one big sail!

We had a “Rules of the Road” lecture this afternoon, which we accompanied with coffee and the last of my Nanaimo Bars – seem to have gone down well again this trip!

We did a racing head sail change – although with the look on the skipper’s face I don’t think we would have won any races with the speed in which that was done. I got the job of being “under” the yankee whilst it was folded back into the sail bag, and had the added job of holding it down from being blown away. It had got quite blowy.

Thai Green Curry was on the menu for dinner tonight – but the bag of ingredients didn’t seem to resemble those needed for a Thai Green Curry. So we had to improvise. There was a jar of dried chillies – never used dried chillies before. I put in a quantity resembling the quantity that I would normally put fresh ones in – turns out this was too many! The curry now resembled a double vindaloo. Some sugar went in to try and take the heat out, but it was still a little hot. OK for me and most – but the skipper was not happy! Oh dear. I am not immersing myself in glory this week. Pub it is then!