All that rain, and it dripped into my bunk all night. I bet the bunk underneath me is nice and dry! My feet and the bottom of my sleeping bag were quite damp. Knew I should have bought the waterproof one – it is still on order! I was on breakfast duty with PJ this morning, so I wasn’t too unhappy to leave my soggy bunk at 6am.

Breakfast was easy – cereals, toast, porridge – no problem. The rain was still hammering down – good job I had got to finish the washing up before I wandered onto the deck. Good weather to test the foul weather gear! And we did.

As we got out to sea it stopped a little, but the wind was howling. It got up to force 7 – I took the helm for a couple of hours, and my shoulders were aching when I came off trying to keep the wheel on course. No-one shouted at me, so I was hoping I did a good job. Kept it at a good near vertical angle for most of the time, so we skimmed through the waves. We had a cup of tea passed up on the deck – the wind was whipping across so hard the tea was swirling round and round like a whirlpool. That was quite challenging to drink it without it splashing in your face or down your front!

We completed another “man overboard” and just as we were finishing getting Bob back onboard another clipper boat passed us with their spinnaker flying. I didn’t think this was a race – but I somehow think by the looks on their faces they did!
At the end of the afternoon the Anthem of the Seas passed us going out of Southampton – just a tad bigger than our little boat. No champagne on our boat either. Then the Cunard’s three queens followed her out. That really is rubbing your noses in it!

As we were heading back one of the other clipper boats was attracting the attention of the RNLI helicopter. They often use the clipper boats to practise sending one of their team down to “rescue” someone. Why couldn’t it have been us? Looked really exciting from where we were standing.

On the way back in, Darren told me how impressed he was with my helming – he said it was really tricky conditions and thought he would have to take over, but I managed very well. Puffs my chest out with pride!

I bumped into Andy from my Level Two in the pub – and he asked me what boat I had been on today. When I told him it was the Telemed boat, he smiled and said it was his boat that overtook us with their spinnaker out. “Get used to it, Bridget darling” he said. So they were in a race then!!