I turned over my mattress last night so the wet bit was underneath – and it seems that the screw Wendy had tightened had stopped the leak as I was not as soggy this morning. It was a glorious morning though – so that might have had something to do with it as well.

It was a little rough this morning – Maggie felt a little ill preparing the lunch in the galley so she came “upstairs”. I took over the washing up – might as well be useful where I can. Adam was being very good with his phone today – I think several have been taking videos and photos, so hopefully got a good selection from this trip. If I got my phone out I think it would end up in the sea!

Today was going to be spinnaker day – the wind had dropped so it was ideal weather to put it up. The first one we got out of the sail locker hadn’t been put away properly, and wasn’t “woolled”. That had to go back in, and we got another one out. We got it up and all had turns in “trimming”. Totally different experience from last time. I am glad I have done this again. I actually knew what I was doing when we took it back down and “woolled” it, which felt good. We then got the original one out and “woolled” that, so another group wouldn’t have the same surprise we had. Seems I am quite good at that job too!

We docked at East Cowes and went out for dinner – the crew meal had been brought forward from tomorrow night to tonight as I am having to leave the course a day early as I have work meetings. That was really kind – everyone I have ever met on clipper has been kind and friendly (apart from the odd one!). We went to the Lifeboat, and had a lovely meal with lovely company.