We woke up today to the weather forecast of “Gale Force 9 or more”. Departure from East Cowes was postponed, and we got our storm sail out, but it was too windy to put it up. We rigged the boat ready for departure, but the phone was red hot between us and base as to whether we would be able to leave or not.

The wind was so strong, both the boat and the pontoon was heeled over. If we tried to leave the dock, the front bit would either take out the electricity poles, or the electricity poles would take out the front bit. Neither of which would have been a good idea.

At just about lunch time we had Sir Robin on the phone, saying that we would not be able to leave the Isle of Wight until tomorrow at the earliest. Oh dear – everyone else got the afternoon off, but I needed to make my way back to Gosport to drive home to make my meetings in the morning. Stranded on the Isle of Wight – not good for a potential circumnavigator!

I packed up my things, got a taxi to Ryde and then caught the SeaCat to Portsmouth. The Hovercraft wasn’t running because of the wind, so the SeaCat was fairly full. Where are all these people going? Backwards and forwards to the Isle of Wight – the taxi driver said that there are school children that do the trip every day.

Once I got to Portsmouth, I then had to go through the railway station to the foot ferry to Gosport, and then walk round the corner to where my car was parked. Not quite the way I had intended to finish the course, but at least I am walking with a spring in my step and not ready to throw it all in this time!