Today started at 3am – late compared to the last couple! I tried climbing down the wall to get out this time – just about managed it without becoming a heap on the floor. We had a beautiful sunrise, and finished the race during this shift. We had been over to France, round a waypoint, over to Devon somewhere and back to just off Gosport. We were around 5th I think – because of the flappy sail perhaps! Diane’s Telemed boat had managed to get a lobster pot caught around the rudder, and we apparently had had an emergency call to go and help out, but they had freed it before we got there.

Actually went to bed on the flat – weird. I still tilted my bunk and pulled the lee cloth tight – you never know when it is going to start again! At 10am we got ready and started another race. This time it was a normal start, and we had a good start again. We headed off around the Isle of Wight, and it was obvious to see how tactics play a part in the race. One boat went very close to the shore, and several went further out. Tides and wind play a part, and the one close to the shore went far ahead. This is lovely sailing – flat, calm and a lovely sunny day! Then we hit a “hole” in the wind and stopped dead. The others just sailed passed. That’s life! Both Daniel and Wendy had climbed up on the boom to try and put the baton back in the sail – not something I will be doing anytime soon. Neither one could do it – so they both got up and one pushed and one pulled. I had scenes of them both falling into the sea and not having anyone to run the boat in my head. It was certainly a very risky manoeuvre! But, it went in, they both came back down safe and sound, and hopefully it will make the boat go faster.

The 6pm to 9pm shift came, and we were still almost stationery. I said “Good Morning” to Felipe, who is in the bunk above me, whenever we got up – doesn’t seem right to say anything else. And it takes me a while to get my head around what time of the day or night it actually is. He said he was really pleased to see my smiling face whenever he got up – it helped him when he was feeling not so good. My good deed for the trip! There were huge jellyfish all around the boat – apparently there is an infestation around these waters – but the jellyfish seemed to be going faster than we were! I have my appetite back, and life is good. The wind got up a little, and we actually passed one of the other boats. This I can manage! We had to put the emergency water in the water tanks, as we had ran out. This was when we discovered we didn’t have a funnel. Someone had obviously got a Blue Peter Badge, and made one out of a squash bottle. Excellent!