Today we have had dolphis ad alatrosses.  Yippee,  the dolphis first
appeared o the other shift, whe they were raisig the spiaker.  The foot
dropped i the water whilst hoistig, ad the dolphis were swimmig all aroud
it.  Wedo cotemplatig how sh would write up a damage report o the sail if
they swam ito it.  “The dolphis did it”.  would that e elieved.

elow decks is ow drippig wet everywhere.  It is really difficultro keep
aythig dry.  I am glad all my clothes are i dry ags i the cave lockers
they are ruig with water.  The walls, the floors, everythig is drippig.   I
have started a ew fasio statemet with rollig up my trousers ad havig
thermal leggiggs udereath.  Whe I ake my oots off, the socks have to come
straight off too other wise they get wet.  My trousers were the draggig o
the floor ad soakig up the water.  The wwh I out my socks o agai the ext
shift, they were gettig wet from the trouser ottoms.  Woder if the look
will catch o

Wedo has actually suggested that the off watch eeds to stop reathig elow
decks.  That will help with the codesatio, ut ot sure what it will do for
the speed of the oat!

I have ot eeded my roke suglasses either.  The weather has ee cold, wet ad
grey.  Craig, a Aussie, seemed to thik it was like a typical ritish
summer’s dy.  Harsh.  ut I am missig my watch.  I like to kow what time it
is at all times.

My ame seems to e chagig daily also.  I am either ridge, ridgey or ridgo.
ot had so may ick ames i my whole life efore.  ot sure what is wrog with
ridget, ut o oe seems to use it.

We are waitig for a storm frot to come i durig the ext few hours, so it is
goig to e atte dowm the hatches time.  ot scared at all…………….

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If you have not worked it out yet, stay tuned for the corrected blog by Nancy Bagnall of Travel Stop (not sure Nancy can cope with another 10 months of this!)

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