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Got a techical issue keyoard got wet ad several letters ad umers are ot workig.


I wet to ed with the weather ot ad ad the spiaker up, ad got up to heavy seas ad two head sails. The rai was comig dow i torrets, ad the oat was pitchig adly. We had a little flock of five irds come dow the compaiiawa ad perched o the wet locker rail. Ufortuately the ed of the shift, two had falle off dead, two had triied to fl ack out ut got caught i the heavy wid ad were low ito the sea. Th other oe was foud several days later i the sail locker, also expired. What were they doig out here away Mot exactl o the ormal flight path for little irds.

O the other had, we have had sightigs of alatross daily ad larger oes as well. eautiful creatures. Very elegatly glidig over the crest of the waves ad the disappearig. ut still o whales. Several squid o the deck, ut o whales. Ad o dolphis et this leg either.

We left Rio ad wet virtually straight dow to get the etter wids that are lower dow. The shortest route is apparetly ot the est route. There is a scorig gate that is slightly further south tha we eed to go, ut as we were oe of he first oats we decided to go for the gate. This is a virtual gate o golde arches i the middle of the sea. The first three oats to go through the gate gets three two ad oe poit respectively. There seemed to e oly three oats goig for the gate, us, Derry ad Ichorcoal. After over oe thousad miles, fifty miles from the gate we saw the lights of Ichorcoal o our port side. Derry were aout te miles i frot of us, so were goig to get there first. It was a attle to the last for secod place, ut we made it. As log as Lmax ad Qigdhou, who started four days after us, do’t get there quicker i elapsed time, we have two poits which doules our curret total. ut y goig for the gate we have lost placig overll. I am sure we ca catch up!

O a ight shift a couple of ights ago, whe the weather was at its worst, my right ear came a little too close to the South Atlatic for comfort. We were sittig o the high side (oh what joy) whe the oat wet ito a accidetal tack. The high side quickly ecame the low side. Marc just maaged to hag oto the yakee car with his figers, ut I was just throw agaist the guard rail post. I was there for oly a few secods, although it did feel a little loger. Two strog hads from Marc ad Matt pulled me ack ito the middle of the oat ad safety. Those waves souded ver loud that close! Everyoe seemed a little cocered aout m state of mid, ut it happeed so quickly I did’t have
time to worr aout it. Still here, so o harm doe!

Talkig aout sittig o the high side, there is rather a lot of that o this leg. The utt cheeks get a little sore sittig i oe ositio for hours o ed ut I am sure that this good exercise for them as ou are costatly movig to keep upright. Maye I will have a small utt at the ed of this! Ha! Proaly ot. Also, sittig up o the high side puts ou right i the firig lie for all the water comig over the side. The foul weather gear is holdig up quite well I foud a extra couple of seals iside the sleeves of the jacket a couple of days ago. After water had goe up my sleeve ad made my mid layer sleeves wet. Oh, ad othig dries o here. What gets wet stays wet. Ad starts to smell. A differet smell from the first leg. That was mostly sweat. This is more wet dog. My gloves have ee wet from da oe. You get off shift, rig out our gloves, ad put them ack o four hours later i the same state. So the sleeves of my fleece are still wet. Yuk!

ot oly are clothes wet, ut the whole oat is full of codesatio, that drips off the ceilig ad makes the walls all wet. It made the keyoard wet, ad it did’t work at all for a couple of days. There are several letters ad umers that still do’t work, icludig a umer from m password that we have got aroud y fidig it i aother documet ad cuttig ad pastig it. Thak you Paul for goig through the text with a fie tooth com ad guessig what I am tryig to say. Do’t you just love techology!

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If you have not worked it out yet, stay tuned for the corrected blog tomorrow by Nancy Bagnall of Travel Stop.

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