Today we had dolphins and albatrosses. Yippee, the dolphins first appeared on the other shift, when they were raising the spinnaker.  The foot dropped in the water whilst hoisting , and the dolphins were swimming all around it.  Wendo contemplating how she would write up a damage report on the sail if they swam into it. “The dolphins did it”.  Would that be believed?

Below decks is now dripping wet everywhere.  It is really difficult to keep anything dry. I am glad all my clothes are in dry bags in the cave lockers –  they are running with water.  The walls, the floors, everything is dripping.  I have started a new fashion statement with rolling up my trouser and having thermal leggings underneath.  When I take my boots off, the socks have to come straight off too otherwise they get wet.  My trousers were then dragging on the floor and soaking up the water.  Then when I (this bit defeated me!) put my socks on again the next shift, they were getting wet from the trouser bottoms.  Wonder if the look will catch on?

Wendo has actually suggested that the off watch needs to stop breathing below decks.  That will help with the condensation, but not sure what it will do for the speed of the boat!

I have not needed my broken sunglasses either.  The weather has been cold, wet and grey.  Craig, an Aussie, seemed to think it was like a typical British summer’s day.  Harsh.
I am missing my watch.  I like to know what time it is at all times.
My name seems to be changing  daily also.  I am either Bridge, Bridgey, or Bridgo.  Not had so many nicknames in my whole life before.  Not sure what is wrong with Bridget, but no one seems to use it.

We are waiting for a storm front to come in during the next few hours , so it is going to be batten down the hatches time. Not scared at all………………..

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