The storm wasn’t too bad.  We had winds of up to sixty knots, and the boat was swaying rather violently.  So when I say it wasn’t too bad, I mean it was awful but it could have been worse.
We had to deal with a hole in the main sail, which Craig mended very
courageously by going up the mast.  It had been rubbing on the spreader, and
must have just rubbed a little too hard.  It was only a little hole, but
would have got much bigger if it had been left.

The weather improved marginally and we got the spinnaker up again.
Everything was going well until the shackle that was holding the halyard up
decided to explode, and in the drink it went again.  Getting a little tiresome!!
It was pulled in, and the damage assessed.  Emily and Felipe spent all day
doing the repairs, and a good job they made of it too.  I had met Felipe on
Level Four training and now I am sharing my bunk with him.  He had an accident a few days ago when he was on “mother” and had boiling water spill on the front of his shins.  Ouch!!  It looks very sore, and seems to have got a small infection, so he is not on deck duty at present.

Yesterday it was my turn to be mother again.  And it was a really turbulent
ride.  The boat was swaying from one side to the other, up and down, and in the small space of the kitchen it is like working on one of those fairground rides where you go into a crazy house where the floor keeps moving.  It was interesting to say the least.  The noodles that we were having for lunch ended up mostly on the floor, as a huge wave hit just as we were draining them.  Well, when I say on the floor, I mean under the floor, under the oven and in the bilges.  Yuk!!

The whole day was like that.  I looked out of the hatch at one point, and all
I could see beyond the back of the boat was a wall of water. Soon got my head back down again!

I have missed the sunrises and sunsets.  It has been so grey and miserable, and so cold.  Cooking and sleeping below decks is like cooking and sleeping with the back door wide open with a gale blowing through.  And I don’t think this is the coldest leg.  Best not to think about it.

The good news is that we are slowly making our way past several of the other boats.  The bad news is that Qingdao have just gone through the scoring gate in first position, so our two points we had from that has just gone down to one. We are about eighth position at present, and positioned quite well to go better.
With luck and a following wind………..

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