After feeling desperately sorry for myself for goodness knows how long, I had to put my sensible head back on.  I thought “I need solutions not problems.  Get a grip, woman”.
Eventually I managed to get out of the sleeping bag, and back into the bunk.  Thank goodness for the lee cloths.  At just about 6am I heard someone on deck say that they could see Table Mountain with the sun rising in the background.  I had had enough of feeling sorry for myself, so tried to get out of the bunk to go up on deck to see the arrival into Africa.  Next problem.  I must have been lying in the lee cloth for so long, the knot that tied it up had got so tight I couldn’t undo it.  Another tearful moment.  What am I doing here?

I did get it undone, and tried to pull myself together.  What a pathetic idiot I am.  I got dressed, and made my way up on deck.  The boat must have been heeling just a little less, or my grit and determination won the day.  One or the other.  The view was breathtaking.
A beautiful Mountainous African Coastline with the sun shining down on it.  About twenty miles to go.  And Ichorcoal was virtually by our side.  Over 3,000 miles, and we are neck and neck with another boat.  I heard some of the crew debating the horrors of the night shift – there were a few accidents on deck and hold your breath moments apparently.  I tried to joke that their night was nothing compared to mine!

All of a sudden the wind dropped.  To virtually nothing.  And it was like sailing a different boat.  We were neck and neck all the way to the finish line, with us just pipping them by about five minutes at the end.  Good old Wendo – she knows tactics and winds.

A yacht came up beside us and we all thought it was another of her acquaintances, but this time we got into port without meeting anyone she knew.  Makes a change.  The minute we got over the finish line everyone cheered, and hugged and kissed each other.  The horrors of the night before seemed to pale into insignificance, although they will always be in the back of my mind.  We turned around and cheered Ichorcoal as they passed the finish line – this is such a friendly and good sportsmanlike race.  It is Pippa’s last leg, and she is so sad to be leaving.  She absolutely loves the sailing, and is very good at it.  Wendo let her take the helm to go over the finish line – what a kind and thoughtful gesture.  I think she really appreciated it.wendo
We moored up, and then had to get on a bus to clear immigration.  Great – back before lunch.  I could feel that hot shower already.  Wendo had other ideas.  “Let’s get the deep clean done today”.  Oh dear – that shower just had to wait.  It was worth it when it came.  And I got a load of washing on.  And one little confession I may have to make – I didn’t actually change my clothes at all on that leg.  Only added more layers on top of the existing ones.  It was too cold and hard.  That’s my excuse anyway.  Perhaps I will have to change new undie Sunday to new undies on first of the month!