We are now sailing at below 40 degrees south, which officially makes us in
the Southern Ocean.  But it isn’t quite the conditions that were
advertised.  Instead of the Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride of fast downwind
sailing, we are pummelling the boat in heavy seas going upwind quite
slowly.  Which means more nights on the boat than anticipated.  Yippee!
Wendo has put a “For Sale” sign out – three spinnakers and two sets of
spinnaker sheets.  One careful lady owner – not used on leg three at all.
So far!

We have made more repairs to our mainsail – Wendo has been balancing on the boom with a mallet and a pair of pliers to shouts of “Don’t do girlie
hits”.  One of the battens had come out of its pocket, and had to be knocked
back in and retied.  No problem for wonder woman!  Or old lady as she
calls herself.  Not as old as me, so wonder what she calls me in her spare

That meant that for the first time in several days we had a full set of
sails – well if you can call the storm jib a stay sail.  Near enough.  We
then met PSP.  Out of the great big ocean, two clipper boats converged
within thirty metres of each other.  Wendo and Max had a lovely chat over
the VHF – and then they sailed off into the sunset.  PSP that is, not Wendo
and Max.  They went further south, and so far we haven’t seen them since.
Again, PSP not Wendo and Max!

Considering this is meant to be iceberg territory, it has been extremely
warm.  My extra layer that went into my sleeping bag in Cape Town has been a bit superfluous to requirements.  I have been sleeping on top of it most
off watches.  That will be coming back out in Albany then. I am sorting
out what I am going to do in Albany already – only another two and a bit
weeks to go!

Last night Port Watch decided to have a planking competition.  I hasten to
add, I did not take part.  Never done a plank, and wasn’t about to attempt
the first time heeling over at 45 degrees.
We had very good scores of two and three minutes.  Then Wendo wanted a go, and made over four minutes. Then sixty plus year old watch leader David had a go, and made over seven minutes.  That put everyone else to shame, and no one else attempted any more.  So much for all the young fit people on the boat!

A bit of a plea.  Could anyone that is on Facebook please “like” the
Stormhoek Wine page.  At some point each leg, they put out a status for
people to vote for the “Social Spirit” team of the leg.
We have a great crew and a fantastic skipper – it would be lovely to get some recognition and win the award at least for one leg.  If you could all comment on that status (it has to be done before the first boat reaches port, Albany in
this case) by voting for Danang that would be superb.  You can say why, who
you know on the crew etc etc.  But please vote each and every leg, and get
all your friends to do also.


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