The albatross are constantly surrounding the boat, circling around and
scooting across the top of the waves.  They are such majestic creatures,
hardly fluttering their wings to keep aloft.  I would have taken thousands
of photos by now if I had my nice Nikon camera with me.  If the boat would
stay still.  And there wasn’t water everywhere.  And if the sun shone.
Perhaps it is a good job that I haven’t got it!
I didn’t realise that there were so many different types of albatross.  The
biggest has black wings and a white body.  Then there is the smaller brown
all over one.  Then one appeared that had brown wings and a white body.  We
called him Fat Bob as he was a little plump.  Then there is the black and
white striped one – he is Slim Jim as he is quite small and very fast.
There may only be one of the last two varieties, as we only see one at a
time of them.  Perhaps they are following the boat.  Where do they live?
Where do they go to?  Without google I am lost!  There are also some very
small swallow like birds that fly with the albatross at times – what are

We did have another dolphin visit last night, but I missed it.  I was cleaning the toilets (I know they are called heads, but I don’t like that name so I will continue to call them toilets).
Talking about the phosphorescent creatures from the sea, one came down when I pumped the toilet.  The flush comes directly from the sea, so I suppose anything that is in the sea comes in through the pipes.  Gave me quite a start as I was dozily scrubbing with the toilet brush.  Then I came to think.  If they come in when I pump the toilets, they probably come in through the tap that I clean my teeth in.  How many phosphorescence animals have I had stuck on my teeth?
Do I light up when I smile at night?  Maybe I should check that
out before I waste batteries on my head torch!

We had a major issue with the toilets this morning.  George and Marc worked
all morning taking all the pipes apart and cleaning them of the calcium and
build up that had blocked them almost completely.  Smelt lovely in the
galley as lunch was being prepared!
The final unblocking method was Wendo with a mallet.  This really is becoming a regular occurrence.

If I thought I got wet on deck before, I hadn’t bargained on the water in
the Southern Ocean.  It is coming over the deck in torrents.  Emily and
Pops took a dive on deck when a wave knocked them over, and they went as
far as their tethers allowed.
The clothes, boots, hats, gloves are constantly wet, and never get a chance to dry out.  We can now see our breath downstairs – the temperature is fairly chilly at all times.  Nothing dries, you just have to put cold, wet things back on the same as you left them.  When a seal on your foulies isn’t quite done up the cold water creeps up your arm.  And you know that it will still be there after you have taken off your layers, gone to sleep, and go to put them back on for the next watch.  Fed up of this now!

We are now battening down the hatches for yet another storm.  Everything
has to be locked down or it goes flying.  Hard, as there is always
something that is loose that flies at you at an amazing rate of knots. How
much longer is it until Albany?…

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