Are we there yet?
A question I have heard many times from my children – and now almost hourly on the boat.  I think most people are ready for dry land – me included.

We had our poetry competition today – those that had written one read it
out in the midday meeting.  There were some really good ones – I am sure at
some point a compilation will be arranged.  My entry is as follows:

“Whilst walking in London one sunny day,
A poster caught my eye.
It was most intriguing; colourful and enticing,
And beckoned me to buy.

It asked a question, that caught my imagination,
“Are you ready for the race of your life?” – Not half.
Finding out the who, the what and the where, and telling my family,
They said they would take one look at me and just laugh!

To the interview I went, hoping to woo them with my charm.
Or was I being too flash?
After a full day at Gosport, and the contract being offered,
I realised they were just after my cash!

After four weeks of training on a tiny little boat,
Or actually five in my case.
A failure of one level, by a very strict skipper,
Certainly put me in my place.

At crew allocation, with ten skippers being men,
I was placed in Team Wendy Tuck.
With some fantastic crew mates and a boat called Flo,
A lady, an Aussie, what luck!

Says Paul to Wendy “Look after my wife.
Here is a bottle of wine.”
“Don’t mind if I do” says Wendy to Paul,
“If she’s with me she’ll be just fine.”

So off we sailed, on a fabulous adventure,
Full of excitement unfurled.
Our crew of twenty set off for Rio,
Next stop – all the way round the world!”

I am sure some of the others would have appeared in crew blogs, had there
been more days left.  But there aren’t, and that isn’t a bad thing.

We are now on emergency food, and have run out of bread flour.  We are
making meals from all the spare bits and pieces we have left, so doing the
inventory this time round will take no time at all.  No one is going to
starve – just may have to eat cornflakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Yes, there are still plenty of cornflakes left!

The sinks in the toilets have stopped working.  The water isn’t draining
away – and doesn’t seem to be able to be pumped out.  This has been going
on for a week or so, so you can imagine the smell from the plug holes.
There have been several attempts at fixing it, but to no avail.  At least I
get a beaker full of fresh water to do my teeth in – even if I do have to
spit down the toilet.

We are on the final countdown to Albany.  Having just come out of stealth
mode, we are still in eighth place, although seventh or even sixth looks
possible.  Maybe one day a podium……..