No idea what the temperature is, but hot, very hot or extremely hot would cover it.  Trying to sleep in the afternoon is futile.  Having just come off watch from the 6am to noon shift was hot enough.  There is sometimes a handkerchief sized shade area from one of the sails, but trying to fit most of the watch in that small piece just doesn’t work.  How tired am I going to be for the double nightshift tonight?  Very or extremely might fit there too!

We do have one new piece of attire for Flo this leg.  Kat has bought a lovely flowered beach umbrella, and has put it up over the helm so that there is at least a small bit of shade.  Wendo has decided that the umbrella is the best thing since sliced bread, and has been quite happy under it most of the morning.  She does keep asking for a cocktail with an umbrella in though….. Craig, on the other hand, refused to helm under it.  It was taken down when he was at the wheel.  Consequently, when we have finished with it, it will be recycled to make him a pair of board shorts complete with the white tassels.  Not sure what that will do to his street cred!

What can’t we find on this leg?  The answer is two of the pots we put in the yoghurt maker to make yoghurt each day.  We normally have three, but we can only find one.  Wonder  where they will turn up!  By the way, the toilet duck turned up in the locker with the porridge oats.  Now why didn’t anyone look there I wonder?

We are having to do pictures for the people of Danang counting down to our arrival. Yesterday’s was 25 days to go – I make it more than that, but will take 25. An, the Vietnamese tug boat driver who is with us up until Danang, is trying to teach us a Vietnamese word a day.  I forget already what yesterdays was, and we have forgotten to do one today.  I have a feeling this is not going to be that successful!  But, he was singing Bon Jovi and Guns ‘n’ Roses with Kirsty last night, so it looks as if his English is in far better shape than our Vietnamese is going to be.

We have had the spinnaker up for most of the last day or so.  The wind has dropped considerably, and the seas are fairly calm.  Because the wind has dropped, there is no breeze running through the boat, which makes it even worse to sleep day or night.  We are fast approaching another area similar to the The Doldrums called the ITC Zone – Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. This time, however, we will not be able to motor through it.  Let’s hope that we find a little path of wind that takes us all the way through –
after the wind hole has slowed all the boats ahead of that is!

We have the cameraman for the 15-16 Clipper Race Documentary on board for the leg up to Danang.  He has been interviewing a few people for this episode, which will be episode 4.  I was chosen as one of the interviewees – he commented that mine was one his favourite interviews of the race so far.  He has been on a different boat for each leg, and commented that most people give a very corporate “Clipper”  interview.  Needless to say, I didn’t!  But I have no doubt that most of the footage will end up on the cutting room floor.
straight talking

What I looked like I have no idea – my mother would have probably describe it as the wreck of the Hesperus look.
bad hair
Perhaps I hope it will be left on the cutting room floor!

We seem to have come back into flying fish country.  Several shoals have been seen airborne as we disturb their day.  There are also some fabulous looking birds that dive into the sea from a great height and come out with a fish in their mouth.  No other wildlife of interest – I think they probably all think it is too hot to come out.

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