We are at present zigzagging our way back up the coast of Vietnam, in a very elongated fashion.  At least we are heading in round about the right direction.  The sun has been out today, and at least the foul weather gear has had a chance to dry out.  Once we turned the corner and came back from heading towards the equator we have had the wind on our nose.  Lovely.  How I love living at 45 degrees and having the bow pounding into the waves.

Over the last couple of days we have had illnesses and accidents one after the other.  Tenerife Tony has got a really swollen knee, and it is quite painful.  He is now strapped up, and not very successfully keeping off it.

(Vietnamese) “An” then had a “to do” with dehydration.  He was laying on the floor (as he frequently does) and then started throwing up big time.  The bumpy seas didn’t help, but he insisted on having a spoon in his mouth (apparently stops the tongue from going down the throat) and his hands and legs massaged as he was getting cramps.  Pops tried to get him to drink, but he really didn’t want to.  Wendo pointed out that with dehydration the first medical application on this boat is to have anal hydration.  Once someone had gotten through to him that it either was going in the top end or the bottom (excuse the pun) end, he soon took a drink.  Someone had to wake him up every twenty minutes to make sure he drunk a few mouthfuls of water all through the night.  The next day he insisted on having a huge bowl of noodles, against Pops better judgement to have only small mouthfuls of anything.  That soon all came up again. Great!

Then last night Kirsty had an accident.  She had been on mother duty all day, and just finished serving the second sitting of dinner.  She somehow slipped from wet locker on the high side all the way down to wet locker on the low side, hitting a few rails on the way.  Then thumped into the wall at the bottom with her shoulder and arm.  She is now stuck in her bunk, with her arm in a sling.  There is a lot of bruising, her arm is in a splint just in case, but hopefully it is not broken.  The next few days will tell.

Let’s hope that there aren’t any more catastrophes – we have been very lucky so far, and I don’t want that to change.

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