We are now about to round the bottom of Taiwan, this time turning north
instead of South out of the Luzon Straits.  The last time we were here was
on the extension on the way to Danang.  The wind has at last abated, so
although we are still sailing upwind, we don’t have the constant feeling of
being airborne and then smacking down on the waves.

Inevitably, a couple of others have gone down with the flu.  David is now
up and about again after suffering for a couple of days, but Valerie has
just gone down with it.  We are not destined to have a full crew this leg.
Apart from the flu, David looks as though he has gone ten rounds with Mike
Tyson.  His original cut on the head has now been joined by one on his nose
and one his forehead from a “trip” on the deck.  But he is still smiling!!
They breed them tough in Hobart.

I have now almost fully recovered.  Most of my strength (or what little I
had in the beginning) has returned, and I can at least do most of what I
was able to do before again.  What with the weather turning slightly for
the better, things aren’t looking as bad as they were.  I am having a much
better race this time around.  Marc has been promoted to watch leader, and
together with Craig they make up my watch leadership team.  Kirsty and a
couple of others are still on my watch, but the others have all been
jiggled around.  Overall, I am much happier.

When we reach China (not that I am looking forward to it or anything) there
is no google or facebook.  I did try on the last morning before I left
Danang to download a programme that makes your computer think it is in the
UK, so that I could access anything whilst there.  It took ages to download
– I had to leave it going in the hotel room whilst I took the gear to the
boat, and then go back for it.  When I got back, it had downloaded, but
then said that it could not open any more accounts.  Trust me to pick one
that was “full”.  You don’t realise how much you use google until you don’t
have it!

I have missed two birthdays on this leg – Seb’s 30th (how old does that
make me feel to have two children over 30?) and Paul’s.  Two sad days,
especially as I wasn’t feeling well.  Hopefully we will celebrate when I
get home in July (my resolve has, at least temporarily, been strengthened).
I was planning to get off the boat at St Kats and head straight home on the
train, but have been persuaded to stay for the party on the Saturday night.
Let’s hope I make it to be able to don my party wear!

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