Everything was going too smoothly!  It all started going awry just as we
were about to round the bottom of Japan.  It was just as the sun was
coming up, and the mountains were eerily poking out of the mist.  We then
launched the spinnaker.  As you may remember, we have launched various
objects with the spinnaker in the past, including toothbrushes and tea
towels.  This time we launched the spinnaker bag.  It went up with the
bottom of the spinnaker, hung there for a few seconds, and then floated
into the sea. Wendo went into man overboard mode, and we went up and down looking for it a few times, to no avail.  It was presumed sunk.  Wendo
miraculously stated that it was only a bag, and we would find a solution
when we needed to launch it again.  Good job it was a bag and not a man!

Marc, on the other hand, did not take it so well.  He was very down in the
dumps, and felt totally responsible.  No matter how many times we said
that accidents happen, he did not feel any better.  Then he got out his
“Little Book of Joy”.  A book he has that is full of sayings and parables
for all situations, that he has given to others when they have felt down.
He opened it on a page that said “Don’t focus on what goes wrong……..”.
How apt, and that cheered him up.  Good job for the book!

Then the wind decided to pick up.  And we were sailing upwind.  Bang,
bang, smash, smash, ton of water overboard.  Lovely.  Most of the newbies
have their heads in sick bags, and are feeling a little worse for the
wear.  Even some of the regulars – but so far not me…yet!
But on the positive side, if there is a positive side, it is nowhere near
as cold as it was on the way to China.  We could actually see our breath
during the last few days getting in Qingdao when you got out of the
sleeping bag.  It has been nowhere near as cold as that so far.  That
doesn’t mean to say that it isn’t cold – it is.  Just comparatively it is
not as bad.  When the cold water soaks you, and then the wind blows around
your ears, you feel cold.

So, we are now going up the coast of Japan, almost heading eastwards to
Just a matter of another four and a half thousand miles of Pacific Ocean between us………………….