Spending Easter on a boat – another first.  And participating in an Easter Egg Hunt with no children in tow – another first.  Chocolate is worth hunting for though!  And it is few and far between on here.  The Easter Bunnies (Lara and Heather) hid the eggs in not too hard places to find, so we all found them. The boat isn’t that big, but we do tend to lose rather a lot.  But not the eggs!

The weather continues to be totally unpredictable.  Easter Monday was so warm, some got out their shorts again.  The sun was shining, the seas calm and the wind just enough to fly the spinnaker.  It was also my wedding anniversary – and the weather was very similar to that in Bramford 35 years ago to the day.  No champagne or michelin starred restaurant for me though – water maker water and curry!  Hopefully Paul will have had a glass or two for me.  Today, on the other hand, we are getting smashed by winds of up to 90 miles an hour.  Large seas, the boat banging on the water and throwing you from one place to another,  and so much water on the deck. Not pleasant at all.

The rough weather really does show up the fact that we do not have a very strong crew.  By that, I mean able young men (not wanting to sound sexist).  When we were lining up in Qingdao for the departure ceremony, all the other teams towered over ours with tall, young, strong males.  We are so female orientated this time, it makes sail changes and anything needing strength very hard.  Those that are able are getting very worn out.


The watch I am on this time comprises Marc & Craig as watch leader and assistant watch leader, with myself and Lara being the only other regular crew.  We have Cheryl and Guy, both of whom I trained with on level 4, Dora and Heather.  Heather won a sponsorship place that Clipper offered for a young sailing person, so has a good level of experience.  She is nineteen, and a very confident and capable young lady and doing a superb job.  Perhaps just a tad over confident, which is preventing her from doing an exceptional job.
That will come I am sure.

It seems we have now drifted down the field, and are wallowing somewhere in the back half.  Wind holes is all I can say to that.  When you are stuck in one, there is nothing you can do.  Not so bad if the whole fleet is stuck, but I think we managed to get one all to ourselves at some point over the last couple of days.  Let’s hope the wind holes are shared around, and everyone gets one!

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