Editors Post.

It is early in the morning, every two days like clockwork, that the email from Bridget comes in, but not today. It must be late due to the ever changing time difference I thought. I drifted back off to sleep to be awoken by the house phone ringing.

“It’s Clipper Ventures here” and my heart stopped.
My mind raced, is it this simple, just a call to let you know the fate of your loved one.

Don’t worry she said, Bridget is ok. The boat has been hit by a wave and knocked onto it’s side. Broached is the term sailors use but it seems vastly inadequate for what can lead to a capsize.

Bridget was on deck when the wave hit, somewhere near the helm. She has a cut head and a black eye. Wendo was thrown out of her bunk and also sustained a cut head. Everyone must have been shook up and knocked about but are all ok.

They have decided to retire from the race and motor the rest of the way.


Update: They are retiring from this leg only.
Click below for Wendo’s blog:-

Further Update: from the DaNang VietNam Facebook page:-
Things are all ok on good ship Flo and Bridget is in good form making jokes and being cheeky.