Not sure whether getting blogs from the boat saying what a great leg they are having is good or not!  Certainly makes me very envious that they are there and I am not.  Having to rely on the race viewer, and reading the skipper and crew blogs, does give me the impression that those at home know an awful lot more of what is going on than we did on the boat.  Yes, I have been keeping up with the orange sperm several times a day (and night), and smile when they are doing well and grimace when they are not.

The appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon was quite matter of fact.  I have two tendons from the rotator cuff detached from the bone.  If I don’t have surgery, I will not be able to move my arm much more than I can at present – which isn’t very much.  I need an MRI to be able to get more detail, which I am having this afternoon, and the surgery is booked for tomorrow.  Even though the insurance company wouldn’t authorise anything further in the USA as it was classed as non emergent, there is a time limit on when this operation can be done.   My surgeon said four weeks after the event is about the longest to leave it – tomorrow will be just under three and a half weeks.  The reason being the tendon will shrink – he thinks it will have shrunk about two inches – and it may not stretch back enough to get back to the bone.  It will also have started to bond to itself, so he will have to cut it before starting to stretch it.  If I had known this, I would have insisted on having the operation in the US two weeks ago.

As it is, he said I am likely to regain only 40% – 80% of my shoulder use.  I think my decision to stop arguing with the insurance company to get further treatment at the time may have been a dire choice.  Hopefully it will be nearer the 80%.  He said it is unlikely that I will ever be able to wave again.  Don’t think that will bother me – but I hate washing my hair with only one hand so that does!  I got quite used to putting clothes on and off with only one hand on the boat (having to hold on with the other on a heel) so I have coped quite well with being able to do that.  But, it would be better with two.

Oh, and the operation is extremely painful.  I am going to be “very sorry for myself for at least two weeks after the procedure”.  No change there then.  I feel very sorry for myself now.

It’s unlikely I will be able to drive or go to work for three months.  Think that might be a tad too long for me.  I have already been back to work in between hospital appointments – can’t sit at home doing diddly squat.  Just have to persuade Paul to help me get a car (he sold mine just after I left last August) so that I can have a practice.  I think he will be pleased to get me out of his hair – I have never been a good patient, and certainly am not at present.  My sister put it rather well on the phone yesterday, when she said that I am not used to being told what to do, and I don’t like it.  I think that probably hit the nail on the head!

On the flip side, I have had so many lovely messages of support since I have been home.  People I know, and people I don’t.  I was going to go to a Clipper Pacific Leg reunion Friday and meet up with some of the old crew, but unfortunately have now had to cancel because of the operation.  That may have helped to “heal some wounds”, but I will have to wait for another opportunity!

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