The saga continues or should I say the Saga cruise around the USA coastline
to New York is now well into Day 5. After a painful 24 hours of bobbing
around we are back speeding along in the right direction (Val says can we
go to San Francisco please). We think speed plus good direction is a rare
but beautiful thing. What our lull in sailing allowed was much discussion
and hilarity on sailing for the aged, also now known as the Saga Crew or
the Zimmer Watch.

We should explain. The Zimmer Watch consists of 4 people aged 66, 1 aged
64, 1 in mid fifties, and 3 aged 44. A couple of days ago we needed to
bring up and plug in a sail on deck. Under the watchful eye of leader
Frankie, an ‘experienced’ bow crew was sent forward of the mast. We later
worked out how experienced; the combined age of those 3 people was 194.
The youngest person in the watch (“Hollywood, Mark 2”) was on the helm –
rather than helping the Zimmer bow crew with the heavy lifting.

So, we now need a Stenna chair lift, or Zimmer frame, using the backstay
runners, to aid movement of the crew forward.  And it needs to be fast so
the bowcrew remember why they were sent up there in the first place.
Another consideration is the extra time needed for manoeuvering; how far
they can bend over and – more importantly how long it takes them to stand
up again. We have also discovered the source of several of the creaking
sounds on the boat … dodgy knees.

So, we now have the “Zimmer” watch and the “Kiddies” watch, but we on Zimmer watch think that age and experience (or craftiness) match youth and eagerness.

We don’t have an Albatross but last night in pitch black bobbing around,
what we thought was the squeak of dolphins? or Boris the bat? ended up as
Betty the small blackbird.  She thought Chewie was a tree and tried to hang
out there but his beard was uncomfortable so she did not stay long.
We tried to help her but feared her end was near.  Even though she was
presented with a tupperware box packed with tissues as a bed.  Sad!

The atmosphere on the boat is a happy one as we listen to the Beach Boys
off the coast of California (Val says, can we PLEASE go to San Francisco!).
Even Wendo is bouncing around, but that could be the effect of a rare hot
chocolate plus, of course, the tender loving care of the crew, oh, and
several kilos of chocolate coated coffee beans.

We greatly miss the “Fat Bird”, particularly for her victualling skills and
her ability to helm for hours in the light winds of the last 24 hours!

What we also notice is that there are 4 blue and orange knitted hats
(thanks Mrs Nugget). Two are with Nugget, one with Lara and the other with
Wendo. That makes us wonder about the crew allocation and potential
favouritism as Nugget and Lara are on the kiddies watch.

PS. Next post will be from the Kiddies, who also have something to say (oh God).

Guest Blog by Emily Fripp and the zimmer watch.

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