The boats are at present off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.  Just about this time last year I was in Cabo San Lucas (for work) at the Hotel Esperanza with one of our trusted tour operator partners, North America Travel Service.  A beautiful five star hotel with amazing views of wildlife out into the ocean, exceptional food and beautiful rooms.  I suppose the Clipper Boats have the amazing views of wildlife, doubtful about the other two – one out of three isn’t bad!

Since I last “checked in” I have had the MRI, which showed clearly that I had torn the top and back rotator cuff tendon from the bone, and started to tear the front.  When I went in for the operation on Thursday of last week, the surgeon estimated between one and a half and two and a half hours to do the stretching and cutting and pegging the repair.  My son arrived at the hospital just as the surgeon was telling me what he was doing, so he knew as much as I did.  When I didn’t arrive back into my room for five hours he feared the worst!
But, the nurse had previously said that I had the “blood pressure of a youngster” (not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not)and have been subsequently told that my tendon was in perfect order before it was cruelly torn from the bone, so should have a good chance of healing.

Not that I felt it had a good chance of healing.  I felt absolutely awful.  Whatever painkillers they offered I took – and asked for more.  It was quite unlike anything I had experienced before.  Getting comfortable is probably not on the agenda for the next couple of weeks.  I think I slept for most of the following day – the nurse that was on duty after I had the operation commented on how loud my snoring was, she seemed quite shocked!

I think everyone who ventured in to my room thought how awful I looked, but only Paul was honest enough to say.  Consequently, they kept me in for an extra night.  At least I still had the morphine “on tap”.

William came and picked me up the following lunch time, as Paul had gone to a conference that had been arranged for some time.  I think he was probably secretly pleased he wouldn’t have to put up with me, knowing me like he does and knowing what I was going to be like.

I now have to learn to do things even more one handed than I did before.  Now the tendons are pegged back on to the bones, they must not be pulled until they have had time to heal and get stronger.  Don’t want those pegs pulling out and having to go through that again!  And one of the pieces of bone that had chipped off has been knocked back in to place.  It was an important bit apparently – not sure how you define which bits are important and which bits aren’t.  Anyway, the other bit is still at large – I need to go back and have an x-ray to see where that has got to.  Hopefully it is somewhere where it will be able to stay.

The physiotherapist came and gave me a few passive exercises to do – no pain no gain comes to mind.  At present, even the most simple of tasks is causing me trouble.  The sling they have given me to wear 24 hours a day is having to come off quite often.  I need to be able to stretch the bottom of my arm.  I think I am sensible enough to know what is doing harm and what isn’t.  Sleeping is the worst thing – as soon as it is night time and I try to get to sleep my arm is in absolute agony.  I have taken to having less painkillers during the day and then two lots in quick succession before I go to bed to give myself a fighting chance of getting a few hours sleep.  It seems to help.

I am not doing an awful lot during the day –I haven’t even ventured to taking the dog out for a walk.  Perhaps I will try that tomorrow.  One day at a time.

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