In the spirit of Night Watch, Spring Watch or other Watch (a la BBC2), we have decided to bring you Zimmer Watch; the latest news from the port watch, Here’s the latest (cue news type music):-

We are instituting a policy of relaying information from the nav station to helm via the intercom system on VHF, rather than relying on people to relay it from below.
This follows an incident where a nameless party (Rowena) went down below to collect the latest position reports and – more importantly – check AIS for any shipping. She wrote all the information down very carefully in the little notebook, stopped to select a variety of tuck for the watch, came back up on deck, gave us a 5 minute run down of where we were in the fleet – and then remembered to mention the large tanker that was due to cross our path shortly. At which point she looks up and goes ‘Oh, there it is’. Behind the boat, having already crossed our path. Nice to know Ro. Thanks for the heads up!
Moral of the story; don’t get distracted in the tuck locker. Damn those Oreos!

James (Hollywood Mark 2) is quickly morphing into David. David is well-known for his ability to answer a simple question (what course are we steering?, for example) with a 5-minute discussion which includes paper, pen and detailed diagrams. James has now taken this to heart and yesterday presented Wendo with various options for a new tack arrangement in a 3-option diagram form, labelled, with notes, and with option 2A as an addendum.
Frankie is despairing, especially when it comes to filling the log and having to negotiate which course we are actually sailing.

That’s it for Zimmer Watch news for now.
Guest Blog by Valerie Saint-Pierre, Emily Fripp and Rowena Marsh.

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