Flo may seem like a small boat when she’s all alone in the middle of an
ocean, but it’s absolutely amazing how much stuff can go missing on a 70-
foot yacht, especially with 20 people on board. There have been various
blogs about missing kit, chargers, phones, etc. but the latest and – I
think – most impressive to date is the Great Granola Hunt.

Here are the facts. Chewie and Rowena bought 16 kilo boxes of granola when
they did the victualling. (Chewie even has a picture of the boxes in the
shopping trolley. Don’t ask me why). The boxes definitely came on board as
the van was completely emptied and there was nothing left on the dock after
the food came on. However somehow all 16 boxes seem to have magically
disappeared, and I know that I never saw them when I did all the stowage.
We have looked everywhere – the tuck bags in the bilges, the dry bags
containing flour, bread mix, sugar, juice, yoghurt, dried milk and porridge
oats. I’ve even gone through the bin bags in the laz, thinking that maybe
the boxes were removed and the bags of granola inside were put in a black
bin liner for storage purposes – and then accidentally mistaken for actual
rubbish. Nothing. It’s infuriating!
To date we have 3 theories as to where they have gone:

1. David G has an unnatural granola craving and sequestered them all in the
crash bulkhead, where he chews on a sneaky bowl every morning. This
may be why he insists on doing the crash bulkhead bilge himself every
morning, and seems reluctant to accept help…

2. Wendo thought granola would be a great morale booster (or possibly
blackmail – Frankie has a suspicious mind) and has smuggled them under her
bunk, to bring them out when we are all low and need a boost that only
cereal and sugar can supply.

3. Bridget actually snuck on to Flo before we left and stored them all in
the new life raft, to ensure we are well-victualled even if we have to
abandon ship.

If anyone has any other ideas about where they might be please please let
Bridget know and she will pass it on to us. The muesli will not last and
there may be rebellion on board once the fresh fruit salad runs out…

Guest Blog by Valerie Saint-Pierre.