Communication on Flo has never really been our forte. This was most recently evident by a small occurrence recently when raising the windseeker. Val was on the bow, hanging out in the sunshine with the boat hook ready to go to collect the tack line once it was sprung, and waiting for the rest of the Zimmers to disentangle their Zimmer frames from their tethers and sort out the pit for the drop and raise. Wendo was hopping around, at the bow, asking what the delay was and occasionally raising her voice slightly (massive understatement), just in case any of the hearing aids were not turned up sufficiently.
Eventually she yells to me to get the new boat hook, which someone had spent 20 minutes down below looking for. At which point Val, looks at her, raises the boat hook in her hand and asks why she can’t use this one instead.

Moral of the Story: Turn up your hearing aids and make sure to wear glasses, especially when on the bow.

Epilogue: When the sail did go up it almost took the boat hook with it. We have
never heard Wendo scream ‘STOP!’ so loudly – and that’s saying something.

Chewie’s New Look
Chewie is rocking a new beard style, courtesy of Val (who found the whole experience of combing out someone else’s beard very very peculiar indeed – she’s all about new experiences, but that is a bit strange, even for her!).
The new style is loosely entitled Da Nang Pirate Plaits, and consists of a trio of braids using Da Nang orange wool left over from woolling the kite. Marc took one look and is now incapable of taking anything that Chewie says seriously.
We are also slightly concerned that his neck will get sunburn as it hasn’t actually seen the light of day since 1976.

Guest Blog by Emily Fripp.