Craig is on mother again today, with Tony, and is currently making bread in the galley. This may be the last time we see this, and taste the fruits of his labours, which are usually kneaded mercilessly to such a degree that they come out of the oven as mutant loaves, enormous in size but beautifully fluffy in the middle. I have complimented him a couple of times on the size of his bread, but I think the suggestion that he might make a second career as a baker offends his Aussie sense of masculinity somehow!

This may be the last time we see this because we have finally worked our way through the huge and heavy bag of bread flour that was bought in Seattle (where the ‘fresh’ bread we bought for the first few days was so full of preservatives that it lasted the entire month in the heat and humidity down to Panama!). The next race will be short enough (and probably cold enough) for us to buy fresh bread only, and I am looking forward to good Irish bread, fresh butter, milk and cheese, lots more veg and fruit and fewer freeze dried meals. There may even be fresh meat (sausages!!!). It’s amazing how simple things like this can make such a difference.

It’s especially important given that I completely under-estimated the amount of fresh fruit we would eat during this race, and we finished the apples and oranges within the first week. We have now also run out of lemons, sweet potatoes and, most importantly, cheese (we went through 6kg in a week!).
Macaroni cheese is on the menu tomorrow and will be an interesting challenge. Hopefully cream cheese will work instead. At least the tuck still seems to be holding up.
Hang on … there just went the last bag of chocolates.

This is Val signing off before they all disappear upstairs!