Typical British weather.  We have had a bit of everything today.  Lovely sunshine, grey skies, black skies, blue skies, thunder and lightening and torrential rain. The wind has gone from three knots to thirty in the space of minutes and then back again. I am surely making up for the weeks that I have missed on the boat with weather coming at me from all angles.  Oh – and the foulies definitely are not waterproof anymore.  Good job there is only a few more days left.

Not wanting to bring too many clothes on this trip because of the weight, and thinking I really didn’t need that many, I only brought two pairs of socks to go under my boots.  The first pair were on, obviously, and get tucked inside my boots when I take them off when I get into my bunk, and get placed into the boot locker.  When I went to get them this morning, one of my boots had fallen over and was full to the brim with water.  There had never been any water in the boot locker before – I have no idea where that came from.  One of my socks was dripping, so I have had to use one of my spare pair.  One sock only left to last until London!  I had to use a plastic bag to put in the boot to stop the new one from getting wet. Hopefully that will work until we dock and I can dry it out completely.

We seem to have picked up a few places today – third again.  Sounds good to me!
I must say, that having come back onto the boat with a few new crew as well as the regulars and those that have come back for another leg I am really impressed with how everyone works together.  And so jovial too.  It is an absolute pleasure to be here.  Apart, that is, for the twenty or so hours that we had the wind on the nose and was heeling at forty five degrees for the duration.  Hanging on with two good arms is hard enough, so with one dodgy one it is that much harder.  And as for climbing up on the high side – it sometimes doesn’t happen.  But, it has been a lot more pleasant for the last few hours.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get more of the puffy stuff aimed directly at us.

Henri Lloyd is running a Seamanship Award for the Clipper Race, and our boat as a whole has been nominated for the knock down and our recovery.
If you think we deserve to win the award, please vote for us at

As the crash test dummy, I can whole heartedly say that the crew were exceptional.

It would mean a massive amount to me and the rest of us if you could vote.
The Stormhoek Social Spirit Award is open again for this leg, and your votes would be very much appreciated here also.  But for a much more selfish reason – the £2,000 towards the bar bill at the crew party.  I cannot tell you how great it feels to get this award, joking aside.  You can vote for us, or any other crew, at
by giving the name of the boat and the reason you think we should win.