What superb sailing we have had for the last few hours.  After being on the nose for so long, it is a pleasure to put the kite back up and have a flattish boat.  Well, that is until the sheet snapped and we nearly lost the kite last night.  The rope snapped around about the knot, and it was just flapping wildly out of control.  But, as the well oiled machine that we (the royal we, that is) are, we got it down with little drama involved at all.  It was down, the yankee and staysail up, the kite woolled and back up again all within the hour.  We need to be on top of our game, as we certainly are still at the pointy end of this race and would like to stay there.

The night shifts are very weird – we are in almost daylight the whole night.  It gets dark, but not very dark.  Helped by the full moon that we have now as well.  I am on my fourth and fifth head torch – the first three all stopped working quite quickly, so Paul brought me two out to Seattle which of course I did not use.  I have brought them with me, but not even got them out.  It is like being on deck on a dark grey afternoon.  The sun isn’t setting until after 10pm – and last night’s sunset was spectacular. I do think that sunsets over the sea are far more dramatic than those on land.  The sunrises are not bad either – and they are really early at the moment too.  There isn’t a whole shift that doesn’t have a good bit of light, even the 10pm to 2am.  I won’t say it is a pleasure, but a lot better than they have been!

It is a beautiful day again today, and as I write we have less than 100 miles to go and are still in third place.  Visit Seattle and PSP are ahead of us – it will be great if we three take the podium places as it will make a lovely change.  And great for PSP who haven’t had a podium finish at all. But 100 miles is 100 miles, and it can all change.

I am on mother duty today, so instead of being on deck in the sunshine I am slaving away in the kitchen.  Cake for pudding tonight!

Talking about cake, I am afraid that the “Fat Bird” is still the fat bird.
All the good the boat food and way of life did for my weight has been rubbed out by too much good eating in New York and Derry.
Damn!  The ultimate eleven month diet doesn’t work!

Oh well, there will always be another diet another day…..

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